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December 31st
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King Zell
Cleveland, OH

"Now can i give you me im raised around thugs ducking dodging police my grandma was working hard so she can just pay her lease momma was always home so she can take care of me while pops was in the streets selling mixtapes so we can eat and they knew i was gonna be the greatest like 23 by 23 i hope that this greatness is what i reach my time is now i told y'all niggas just wait and see 97 dropping yall niggas flopping hold up now stop it i been the same nappy head nigga raised around convicts back in 97 when you was stealing or you was robbing and living on section 8 was more than living common by me living in the struggle it left me without no option by taking over the game and killing rappers for some profit i told you niggas i got it nigga and i'm not stopping until im at the top my nigga and see my momma in a big ass house yah i promise nigga this is me"